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    SaferGambling Terms and Conditions

    Table of content's terms of Service

    Welcome to!


    Use of our services

    Play safe, responsible gambling


    Privacy policy


    Feedback and complaints

    Failed or interrupted games

    Limitations of liability, warranties

    Penalties, violations and termination

    Intellectual property and copyright

    Severability clause


    Entire agreement

    Applicable legislation and jurisdiction's terms of Service
    Version No: 1 Dated 9th April 2014
    Updated Version No 2 Dated 8th August 2014
    Updated Version No 3 Dated 19th March 2015
    Updated Version No 3 Dated 6th May 2015
    Welcome to!

    Thank you for visiting and showing interest in our site and our services. The services on this site are provided by Gaming Trading Limited ("the company"), having its registered office at Regent House, Office 21, Bisazza Street, Sliema SLM1640, Malta.
    By visiting and using or related URLs (Web pages) as well as services licensed or associated to the company via internet, mobile or other platforms, you agree to these terms of use.

    Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our Casino.

    As we offer different types of services we may occasionally use specific terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are available with the relevant services and become a part of this agreement if you choose to use them.
    Notes that "you", "your", "you", "user" or "players" in this agreement refers to the person or company using the services and the software and all content derived from the software at With "site", "website" shall mean the website or platform that provides our games and services. "We", "us" or "our" refers to the company (as well as partners such as affiliates or similar) and "parties" refers to you and the company jointly. With the "game" or "games" shall mean all the game/games, products available via and its partners.

    1) is a brand managed and operated by Gaming Trading Limited. Our operation centre and customer support is based on Malta.

    2) License operate under Maltese law and holds the following remote gaming licenses (issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, MGA) MGA/CL1/978/2014 and MGA/CL1/979/2014, both issued on November 13th 2014.

    Acceptance of service
    You must comply with all the terms and conditions and policies applicable to our services. The terms of this Agreement shall enter into force as soon as you check the box for approval of terms and condition during the registration process. By using our site and services you indicate that you accept our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions constitute a binding agreement between you and us.

    3) Before you agree to this agreement, you must read through it in its entirety. If you do not agree to any of the terms you must stop using our website and its services immediately.

    4) By accepting the terms, you certify that you are at least 18 years of age, and any other legal age for gambling under applicable law and that you have read and fully understood the terms and conditions of this agreement. You understand that you will be bound by its content, which may change from time to time.

    5) We constantly work to improve and develop our services. Therefore we reserve the right to change these terms at any time with or without notice, which means that the contract between you and us will change. In the event of major adjustments or when an amendment restricts your existing rights negatively, you will be notified in advance, and asked to approve the adjustments. If you do not agree to the updated terms and conditions, you must stop using our website and services.

    6) Amendments shall enter into force as soon as they are published on our website. You must read through these changes and fully understand the contents before continuing to use the website and/or our services. Note that it is your responsibility, as a player to go through these terms and conditions, together with the specific rules for our games. Please note that if you continue to use our site and/or services after changes are updated, you shall be deemed to accept them. Amendments to these terms and conditions include our right to terminate campaigns, promotions and/or games at our discretion.

    7) Please note that the terms and conditions may be translated into different languages. Notwithstanding this, it is the English version that is the basis of the legal relationship between you and us. In the event of differences in conditions between the different languages or desktop and mobile versions, it is always the terms and conditions of's English desktop version that shall prevail.

    8) Games are from NetEnt Malta Limited and/or Yggdrasil Gaming Limited, (both Licenced with the MGA) and such as slot machines, video slots, roulette, scratch cards, bingo, lottery and other games that may be available on the webpage may have their specific terms and conditions. By playing such games you accept to be bound by such terms and conditions. We may, at our own convenience, remove and add games without further notification.

    Membership & Account
    9) Your membership and account is private and should only be used by you, for your own pleasure.

    10) In order to use our services and play our games for real money you must first create an account and then make a deposit. A "Know Your Client" procedure shall be carried out at your first withdrawal. Read more about how the KYC procedure works in our FAQ.

    11) We reserve the right to provide our payment intermediary the right to make deposits and withdrawals on our behalf.

    12) You may only open one account per site that we provide. We allow only one account per household unless otherwise agreed. If you have several players in the same household, please contact customer support. If for any reason you have multiple accounts, we reserve the right to close/block some or all of your accounts.

    13) If we decide to leave one account open, it will be the first account that you have opened at, to which your remaining account balance if any will be transferred. We will deduct a 10 % fee (minimum fee 30 Euro) for every account that you have opened as well as any other deductions that may apply in accordance to these terms and conditions.

    14) If you discover that you have more than one account, please contact Customer support.

    15) By filling in the registration form and create an account, you certify and warrant that all mandatory information such as, the identity, address and contact details are accurately and honestly stated. We reserve the right to refuse to open an account. All contractual obligations validly undertaken prior to any closure shall be honoured.

    16) Furthermore you agree, to use the webpage and its services in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and of applicable law.

    17) You are solely responsible to ensure that the information you provide is truthful, accurate and complete.

    18) We would like to inform you that we continuously verify play accounts, and that your account may be blocked or closed if false information is discovered.

    19) You may at time be asked to assist us with various forms of documentation (such as, copy of a valid ID/Passport, account statements, etc.).

    20) Upon registration of your membership, you will be asked to select a username and a password. It is your individual responsibility to ensure that your login information is stored in a safe and secure place. If you suspect that your login details have been compromised you must contact customer support immediately.

    21) Please note that we are not responsible for misuse of your account by third parties due to your negligence with these credentials, whether it was intentional or not.

    22) It is not permitted to transfer money from your account to another player's account, or receive money from other accounts. It is not permitted to sell transfer and/or acquire accounts to/from other players.

    23) We reserve the right to partially or fully explain one bet void if we find it obvious that, the outcome of the game has been affected directly or indirectly by criminal activity, there is an error or a mistake, a clerical error, technical failure or force majeure.

    24) In order to play for real money, you must have money in your account and be logged in to your account.

    25) After your deposit your funds will be available within a reasonable amount of time, with exception if we need to make extra verification procedures.

    26) We offer no credits to play our games.

    27) You can find all available payment options under Payments and in the Bank (logged in). Choose the method that suits you best.

    28) When logged in please visit Payments or Bank to find any maximum and minimum deposit amount for each payment method.

    29) For some of our payment methods, we may charge a transaction fee; you can find the specific fee for your payment method on our page Payments or Bank (logged in). Please note that your bank may charge additional fees.

    30) We accept payments in Euro. Deposits made in other currency will be exchanged to Euro, and the exchange rate will be charged to you.

    31) In order to accept a deposit from a bank or credit card, we require an approval and an authorization code from your bank/card issuer. Without these, we cannot credit your account.

    32) We reserve the right to further verify your identity when deposits are made to your account.

    33) We give no interest on your account balance and should not be seen as a financial institution.

    34) By making a deposit, you agree that the money deposited shall be used to play our games. Any withdrawal equal or less than the deposit, which has not been wagered, will be deducted with a charging fee, read more on Payments.

    35) Withdrawals are made to your bank account or to the payment method you have chosen to use, read more about our payment methods under Payments or Bank (when logged in). We do not accept withdrawals to MasterCard or Maestro.

    36) Some money on your account may be tied to a promotion, these funds are called "Withdrawable with restrictions", and to withdraw them you first need to cancel the promotion they are linked to. Money marked as "Withdrawable" under Transaction in the Bank are ready to be withdrawn immediately. You may also have "Promo money" (money derived from a promotion) in your account. To withdrawal promo money you will first need to fulfil all the wagering requirements that belong to that promotion. When you meet all the wagering requirements your promo money will be added to your account as Withdrawable money and can be withdrawn thereafter. Read more about promo money at paragraph 54.

    At Bank (when logged in), you can see all of your pending withdrawals.

    37) You can only make a withdrawal via the Withdrawals page on the website in the Bank. Withdrawal requests via telephone, mail or other forms of communications will not be accepted.

    38) Withdrawals can only be made in the same name as used when registering to our site and to the same account from where the funds originated.

    39) You must make at least one deposit and wager your deposit at least once in order to be able to make a withdrawal.

    40) All minimum and maximum withdrawal levels are specified under Payments or Bank (logged in).

    41) At SaferGambling we process your withdrawals during business days, being Monday to Friday. We process your withdrawals as swiftly as we can. During the first 48 hours your money will be in a pending state, meaning that your withdrawal is being reviewed. During this period you may cancel your withdrawal free of charge. You can cancel your pending withdrawal by clicking Cancel under Transaction in the Bank section for that specific transaction. In addition there may be service time for your specific payment method, please visit Payments or Bank (logged in) for more details.

    If you cancel a withdrawal, the money will immediately be added back to your bank account. We reserve the right to withhold payments if we need further verification as stated in paragraph 48.

    42) Payments will be made to your preferred method, additional options and costs for our various payment methods can be found under Payments or Bank (logged in).

    43) Money that is subject to wagering requirements, for example, from a promotional offer must be wagered before they can be withdrawn. Read more about wager requirements at paragraph 51.

    44) If we accidentally happen to credit your account with money that is not yours whether due to a technical or human error or for any other reason, the amount will remain our property until the payment is reversed. If you notice that you have received money that is not yours, you are required to contact customer support as soon as possible. If you withdrawal money that does not belong to you before we become aware of the error, or had time to reverse the transaction, this will constitute a debt owed by you to us (without being influenced by laws or other legal means).

    45) For your security, you can withdrawal a maximum of 4,000 Euros per day, or according to agreement with customer support.

    46) All transactions are examined in order to prevent money laundering. All suspicious events are reported to the Maltese authorities. We reserve the right to suspend, block or close the player account in question, in unity with the "Prevention of Money Laundering Act". If you are aware of any suspicious activity related to any of the games on our site, we ask that you immediately contact our customer support.

    47) Withdrawals that have not been wagered in games will be closely examined in order to prevent money laundering.

    48) Our Finance Department can perform additional verification processes on withdrawals of more than 1000 Euros, but also reserves the right to perform it on smaller withdrawals. In this procedure, we may request additional documentation such as copy your passport, utility bill or bank statement.

    49) We reserve the right to charge a fee for payments which are not wagered in a game.

    50) If you win 100,000 Euros or more and want to make a large withdraw (over 50%), we reserve the right to divide the payment into several instalments such as ten individual instalments, paid at 10 % per month for 10 months until the full amount is paid. No interest is given on outstanding amounts.

    Promotion Scheme Conditions
    Version 1.1 dated 19th March 2015

    51) This is our second (1.1) version of our Promotion Scheme Conditions, it is valid until an update is issued. All changes and updates will be notified in advance. Such revisions will become effective immediately upon being posted on our site.

    52) We reserve the right to, at any time or at our own discretion, cancel and/or change promotions offered. If not other stated, we reserve the right to withhold and/or remove funds from rewards and promotions that have not been used within ninety (90) days from activation.

    53) We will periodically offer you, as a player, different forms of promotions by which you can be rewarded with promo money, free spins and other types of gifts. All additional money rewarded that is derived from a promotion such as winnings from free spins and winnings deriving from promo money is considered to be promo money and will be added to your balance as promo money exclusively (unless otherwise specified in the terms for the offer). Please note that specific wagering requirements apply to promo money (read more on Active promos at My pages). Please read the Wager Contribution Scheme, or the conditions stated in each promotion to learn more.

    54) At you can always withdrawal your real money. There are three terms used for your funds at SaferGambling, "Withdrawable funds", "Withdrawable with restrictions" and "promo money".

    "Withdrawable funds" can be withdrawn at your own convenience. "Withdrawable with restriction" are funds linked to a promotion (real money deposits that have generated promo money). Promo money is money derived from a promotion, your free spin winnings or other extra money, this money is linked to wagering requirements. Once the wagering requirements are fulfilled, for a specific promotion, the promo money will be added to your balance as "Withdrawable funds".

    "Withdrawable with restrictions" funds can be withdrawn after you cancel the specific promotion that is tied to the money you wish to withdraw. If you make a withdrawal before you have fulfilled your wagering requirements, all promo money as well as any winnings derived from promo money will be deducted from your account.

    It is's sole decision regarding the amount and which games contribute to the wagering requirements. Please check the Wager Contribution Scheme below or the specific promotion conditions.

    55) At SaferGambling we allow you to have more than one active promotion at the time, we allow you to "Stack" your promotions. We think that no one want to miss out on a good promotion, this is why we allow stacked promotions. You wager your promotions one by one, starting with the first promotion you claim. Then you wager them in chronological order from top till bottom as shown at Active promos (on My pages logged in). Please note that you can change order of the "pending" promotions, choosing which promotion to come next after the one in wager. You can also cancel your promotions under Active promos.

    56) If we have not stated that there are any wagering requirements for a promotion, the wagering requirement will be set to a standard amount of forty (40) times the promo money.

    57) Different games contribute differently to the wager requirements for our rewards. See Wager Contribution Scheme below:

    Wager Contribution Scheme
    Videoslots 100%
    Blood Suckers 50%
    Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Punto Banco, Pontoon and Double Exposure 0%
    Video Poker 20%
    Oasis Poker 10%
    TXS Hold'em Poker and Casino Hold'em 10%
    Other games 100%

    58) All promotions at can only be claimed once per household, IP address and/or credit card number, unless otherwise agreed.

    59) Please note that it's only bets from promo money, according to the above Contribution Scheme that will contribute to wagering requirements for promotions. Bets from "Play for fun" do not contribute to wagering requirements.

    60) Please note that special conditions may apply to our promotions. Wager, validity time and other conditions may vary. In these cases, the special conditions will be described within with the promotion details.

    61) All our promotions have an expiration date. If you fail to meet the wagering requirements before the expiration date we then reserve the right, to cancel and/or deduct the promo money and any winnings derived from the promotion, from your account. If we have not stated any expiration date for a promotion, the expiration date will be set to seven (7) days from activation.

    62) If evidence of abuse/ fraud is found, we reserve the right to block or/and terminate your account and confiscate any and all existing funds at our own discretion.

    63) When playing in "Playing for real" mode (playing with real money or promo money i.e. not with "play for fun" funds), your real money is always used first. Real money never contributes to the wagering requirements of a promotion. As soon as your real money funds are finished, you will automatically start playing with promo money and start contributing towards your wagering requirements (provided that you have promo money in your account).

    If you have stacked promotions, meaning you have more than one active promotion, you will first contribute to the promotion in wager (the first one under Active promos).

    As soon as all wager requirements for that specific promotion are fulfilled or the promotion is forfeited (when you fail to meet any of the given requirements within the timeframe of the promotion) or if you run out of promo money, you will start to wager the next promotion in line. The next promotion to be wagered is the one on top of the Stacked promotions, as shown under Active promos (logged in).

    If you have an active promotion and decide to deposit more money, you first play with your real money until you are out of real money (since your real money is always used first and cannot contribute to wager requirements). You will then proceed to wager you promotion when you are out of real money or if you have made a withdrawal.

    64) You are free to cancel a promotion at any time. To do so, simply log into your account and cancel the promotion under Active promos, on My pages. Please note that when cancelling a promotion, any remaining promo money related to the specific promotion will be deducted from your account. Also note that promotions needs to be activated to be rewarded. A promotion is forfeited automatically when the value of it is 0,05 Euro or less.

    65) Vouchers with promo codes will trigger specific promotions to your account.

    66) We reserve the right to deduct any promo money and winnings derived from promotions if any of the conditions related to the offer or promotion are violated. Furthermore we can also withhold other funds in your account and apply such restrictions on account of any damages incurred due to your actions.

    67) These Promotion Scheme conditions may be available in different languages on our site. Please note that in the event of differences in conditions between the different languages and/or desktop and mobile versions, it is always the terms on's English desktop version that are valid and lay the basis of the legal relationship between you and us.

    68) Every promotion has its own specific rules. Note that some games may contribute less to the wagering requirements than others and some may not contribute at all. It is only bets derived from promo money that can contribute to wagering requirements, never real money, this is in accordance with the Wager Contribution Scheme found in paragraph 57.

    Use of our services
    Suspension of your account
    82) You can cease using our services at any time. In order to cancel your account, you must first cancel all pending wagers. The remaining money is paid after deduction of any withdrawal fees.

    You may close your account by following the instruction on My pages/ Security, or by sending such a request to The customer support team will then finalize the closing of your account. You will be able to open your account again by sending a request to the customer support team. If you close your account, all funds excluding any promo money that might not be redeemable will be transferred to the bank account from where the funds originated.

    83) We reserve the right to cancel your player account at our discretion and are not obliged to provide you with a reason. In such event we shall refund any available funds from your account, any fee associated with your chosen payment method will be deducted.

    Inactive and dormant account
    84) Your account is considered inactive if you don not sign in with your username/email address and password on internet in one year (1 year).

    85) We will contact you through your registered email one month before your account become inactive. When inactive any balance on your account will be deducted.
    86) A dormant account is an account that there is money left on but has not been active the last thirty (30) months.

    87) If we do not receive acknowledged contact from you after 12 months, we will charge a handling fee of 5 Euro per month as long as there is money on your account. You hereby agree that we are allowed to deduct such a fee, on the first working day of each month after your account has been inactive. We will stop deducting the fee after thirty (30) months have elapsed or when you are out of funds on your account. If you reactivate your account within this period, we will refund your balance.

    88) If there is no activity on your account after last thirty (30) months, any remaining money will be refunded to you as a player. If we fail to receive contact from you, the money will be transferred to MGA. All refunds from inactive and dormant accounts are made automatically and are noted in the backend system of the administration interface of the website. The Key Official of SaferGambling is responsible for all the transfers to the MGA.

    You hereby certify:
    89) That you are the rightful owner of the account and play for your own pleasure.

    90) That you are at least 18 years old and of legal age for gaming in the country where you live.

    91) That you have verified that it is legal for you to use online gambling, specifically casinos in your jurisdiction, and that there are no legal or other restrictions that would prevent or prohibit you to participate in the casino.

    92) It is solely your responsibility to ensure that it is legal in your jurisdiction to play any of our casino games on the site. By wagering real money in our casino we deem that it is legal for you to do so in accordance to applicable law where you live. Please note that we neither warrant that it is legal to participate in casinos under the applicable law of your jurisdiction, nor enable you to contravene it. Furthermore we are not responsible if you use the casino at an illegal or non-authorized manner. If you have any doubts if it is legal for you to use our services and games, please consult a legal expert in the applicable law.

    93) That the money you deposit to your account does not derived from illegal activities.

    94) That you in no way participate in nor perform, manipulate or otherwise affect the game in an illegal or unfair way. Player collusion is not allowed nor are the use of devices such as robots, which may distort normal game play. We reserve the right to void all bets in the rooms of these events.

    95) That you only use credit cards and other financial instruments for deposit and withdrawals that are valid and lawfully belonging to you.

    96) That you only may use our services for your own use, in agreement with our terms and conditions, applicable laws, rules and regulations.

    97) That you are not a citizen of any of these following countries or territories: Italy, Spain, Malaysia, France, Guinea (French Guiana), Guadeloupe, Martinique, China, Hong Kong S.A.R., Mexico, Turkey, Israel or USA or other US regions including American Samoa, Us Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Island, French regions including Mayotte, New Caledonia, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Wallis and Futuna or Macao S.A.R (Second Special Administrative Region of People's Republic of China). Registration from these countries is prohibited.

    98) That all information you may give us, such as, but not limited to, identity, address, telephone and email are correct, true and complete. If such information changes, you must immediately update it under My pages or by contacting customer support.

    99) That you are responsible for paying any taxes or fees which are legally valid in the country where you play our games from.

    100) That you acknowledge that by playing our games, there is a risk that you will lose the money you put into your account.

    101) That you have no return privileges, or opportunities to interrupt an ongoing game when betting money on a game for real money. The money is deducted immediately from your account as you play for money.

    102) That you are nice and show respect to other players and our employees.

    103) We would also like to make you aware of that the sites user interface, design and software are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights owned by us or our partners. You use our site and services for your own private use in accordance to these terms and conditions, applicable rules and current regulations and laws.

    104) That you have noted that we reserve the right to change and or discontinue promotions and games available on our games page at our own convenience.

    105) No employee , consultants, agents, officers, directors of the company or any of its vendors , affiliates, suppliers or other third party partners are permitted to the site or its services directly or indirectly, for private use. Please note that this also applies to relatives (such as, but not exhaustive; all spouses, partners, parents, children or siblings) of such persons. Unless otherwise agreed.

    Play safe, responsible gambling
    106) If you need some time off you can block access to our games for a period of 5 days up to a maximum of three (3) months. Please contact Customer support or follow the instructions for self-exclusion at My pages/Security/Self-exclusion. If you choose to block your account on our site the action will be effective immediate, while blocking your account via email to our customer support will be effective from the time you receive a notification mail from our customer support that your account has been blocked.

    107) At Security/ Self-exclusion you can also choose to limit the amount you are able to place in a single betting round. When placing a higher bet than set, it will simply be cancelled.

    108) Under Security/ Self-exclusion you may also choose to set up a limit for maximum losses within a time period of seven (7) days. If you reach the limit, you will be blocked and not able to place any more bets. You can start playing again first after seven (7) days or after the specific time period that you have chosen.

    109) You may at your discretion choose to impose a maximum session time during which you are allowed to be logged in at Security/ Self-exclusion. When the time period expires, you will automatically be logged out of the site, and all game processes will be terminated.

    110) You may at your discretion choose to terminate your account. If you terminate your account all remaining funds will be transferred to your preferred payment method. When you have terminated your account it will not be accessible again.

    111) All requests for self-exclusion are administrated and executed immediately.

    112) If you wish to remove any restriction or lower your set limits, such changes will be activated after a cooling period of seven (7). However if you wish to increase your limits even more, the new limits will be effective instantly.

    113) Please note that any self-exclusion request only applies to your account on SaferGambling .com, and not to other sites operated by us.

    114) Player Level Notifications.

    Player Level Notifications (PLN) helps you to keep track on your gaming. You can set your PLN by choosing one of our pre-set profiles or by creating your own.

    You can change your PLN settings at any time. Please note that the PLN are not to be confused with the Responsible Gaming settings which are binding and cannot be easily changed. When reaching a limit you are given a warning notification telling you that you have reached your pre-set limit and you will be asked if you wish to take a break or to continue playing. Hence the PLN are not binding, it is your choice to follow them or not.

    At PLN you can set four (4) different setting. As mentioned above you can also choose between four (4) pre-set levels, all levels has pre-set settings for: maximum net deposit (deposit-withdrawals), maximum bet amount, maximum loss per week (seven day period, Monday-Sunday). You can also set playtime notifications, so that you get a reminded after for instance 20 minutes playtime. Read more about the Player Notification Levels at My pages under Security/Player Level.

    Other rules
    115) In this agreement we sometimes refer to rules, terms and conditions which are found on separate links from this page (e.g. specific game rules). You hereby accept these terms and conditions, as part of this agreement.

    116) If we have misconfigured a campaign, we reserve the rights to correct the mistake and alter your player account.

    In regards of Casino we refer to all games featured on the game page.'s Casino is operated by Gaming Trading Limited and holds the following licenses: MGA/CL1/978/2014 and MGA/CL1/979/2014, both issued on November 13th 2014 and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority under the Remote Gaming Regulations (LN176/2004). Our casino is powered by NetEnt Malta Limited (NetEnt) and Yggdrasil Gaming LTD (Yggdrasil). NetEnt and Yggdrasil operate under their own gaming licenses under Maltese law. All disputes, questions or complaints in relation of the games provided on this site are handled by, please contact customer support for further instructions. Some games may have specific terms and conditions, by agreeing to our terms and conditions you also agree to those specific terms and conditions.

    Privacy policy
    117) We are subject to Maltese legislation and manage your personal data according to the Data Protection Act 440 ( Data shall be processed and/or managed by persons authorized to do so in accordance with the act.

    Please be aware that we may provide your personal information:
    - To companies that provide services to help us with our business activities such as but not limited to card processing, payments, identity verification and customer support. These companies are authorized to use your personal information only as necessary to provide these services to us.
    - To comply with our legal and regulatory duties and responsibilities to the MGA and/or any relevant licensing and regulatory authorities as well as all duties and responsibilities owed under any other applicable legislation and to any other applicable regulators in other jurisdictions.
    - As required by law such as to comply with a summons, or similar legal request.
    - When we reasonably consider, in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request.
    - To any other third party with your prior consent to do so.

    118) For your safety, we also used the PUL (personal data Act (1998: 204), (, as a guideline when managing your personal information.

    119) We work hard to protect your personal information and your privacy is respected and handled in a professional manner.

    120) By agreeing to our terms of service, you give us permission to collect and use your personal information, in order to give you access to our site, our games and other services.

    121) We use your personal information so that we can provide the opportunity to play our game and to make relevant transaction in regards to your gambling. We may also use your personal information to inform you of promotions, changes and important updates to the game page and our services. If you which not to be informed about promotions and other direct marketing; you can adjust your setting on Messages, on my pages.

    122) Furthermore, we also use your personal information for the purposes of carrying out verification procedures in relation to your use of our games and gambling.

    123) We only provide your personal data to third parties; if it is necessary to meet your requirements (e.g. payments), if it directly relates to your gambling, or if we are required to by law. We have suppliers and partners responsible for certain parts of the functionality and operation of the site that also have access to your personal information. We store all collected data and manage them confidential. You may request access to the personal data we have collected about you, through customer support. You hereby agree to all such disclosure.

    124) In order to offer you the fastest possible service, we, or our service partners may transfer your personal data to other countries.

    125) We want to make you aware that we in the processing of your account and your transactions may have recourse to credit information, fraud and anti-money laundry agencies. These companies may keep records of your personal information. You hereby agree to such disclosure.

    126) You must immediately update your account if any of the personal information you provided at registration is changed My profile.

    127) Regardless of the above information, we reserve the right to publish details about specific winnings for individual players on our site and in our marketing. Such publication may contain username, first name, gender, age and location as well as the amount of the winnings. You hereby agree of such disclosure.

    128) You hereby acknowledge that we occasionally inform you about updates on our site, services, and promotions. If you do not want to receive promotional offers via direct marketing, you can forgo this via Messages. You will at all times be able to access of our offers in Messages under My account.

    129) We use so-called cookies. A cookie is a small text file that our site asks to save on your computer. The cookie helps us to remember information about your visit, such as, which language you prefer, your favorite games, and other settings. This information helps in your next visit and makes the site more user-friendly.

    130) We use cookies for a number of reasons. Primarily, we use them to give you a better service, develop and improve our services. Examples of the use are to simplify your login (your email address/username is prefilled in the login box).

    131) We comply with the electronic communications Act (2003: 389) ( Read more about cookies at the Post and Telecom Agency game page ('s cake).

    132) To disable cookies please refer to your Web browser. We ask you, to note that by switching off cookies your usability of the site may be affected negatively.

    Feedback and complaints
    133) Let us know what you think! Do you have feedback, dispute or a complaint about our service? Please contact our customer support via e-mail or chat and we will do our utmost to resolve your issue as quickly as possible in the best possible way. Our support agents handle all complaints and disputes, and forward them to the responsible person in the organization of SaferGambling or the relevant entity if they are not able to solve the issue immediately. If you have any other concerns or questions, please contact us at

    134) If you are not satisfied with our response or how we have managed your case, please contact the Malta Gaming Authority, at address Suite 1, Level 3, TG Complex, Brewery Street, Mriehel, Birkirkara Malta BKR3000, or by phone; + 356 21316590/1/3/4, + 356 2546900 or via e-mail;

    Failed or interrupted games
    135) Please note that we are not responsible for any technical malfunction, downtime, server failures or political interference in the game. We will review each case on a case by case basis and issue refunds after our reviews at our sole discretion.

    136) We take on no responsibility for any loss and or damage which are deemed or alleged to have been caused by or arose in connection with our site or its content, including without limitation; interruptions in the operation of transmissions, disfigurement or loss of data, wire- or communications failure, or any person's misuse of the site and or its content or any errors or omissions in the content.

    137) In case of system failure in the Casino, all bets are void.

    138) If a game is cancelled due to a system failure, we will refund the amount wagered in the game by, first and foremost, credit your account, or by other agreed payment method.

    139) If a game is disrupted by that your telecommunications system or computer system fail or errors and prevents you to continue playing, the game ends automatically. When the system is recovered, you can find the result on My pages, any profit is transferred to your game account immediately.

    140) You must inform us as soon as he or she becomes aware of any errors with respect to your account or any calculations with respect to any bet placed or any currency conversion.

    141) In the event of any system failure or game error (a divergence from the normal functioning of the game logic for whatever reason) that results in an error in any odds calculation, charges, fees, bonuses or payout, or any currency conversion as applicable, ('System Error'), or an error in published odds or paytables we will seek to place all parties directly affected by such error in the position they were in before the error occurred. Notwithstanding this, we reserve right to declare null and void any bets that were the subject of such error and to take any money from the account relating to the relevant bets. In all circumstances whereby we (in our sole discretion) determines as error has been used to gain an unfair advantage, we reserve the right to consider this activity to be subject forfeiture and account closure.

    Limitations of liability, warranties
    142) You visit our site and participate in our games and services at your own risk. We provide our site, services and our games without warranty, whether expressed or implied.

    143) Without affecting the aforementioned provisions we, our employees, business partners or service providers do not guarantee the following:

    144) That our site, software, games or services are fit for their purpose, free from error, or accessible without interruption.

    145) They shall further not be liable for any losses, damages, costs or expenses (indirect, direct) occurring in relation to your use of our site, our games and or services.

    146) By registering to, you fully agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless, us, our employees, directors, partners, and service providers for any losses, damages, costs, expenses, liabilities and claims that may occur in relation to your use of our site, our games and/or services.

    Penalties, violations and termination
    147) If we have reason to suspect that you break or that you actually violate our terms of service and rules, we reserve the right to suspend, not opening or closing your game account; withhold money in your account and to use this money for any damage caused by you.

    148) If we suspect that you in the use of our site, our games or services are involved in illegal or fraudulent activities, or that you are in breach of our terms and conditions, or otherwise could harm our business, we reserve the right to block or terminate your account, or cancel bets entirely at our sole discretion.

    149) You agree to this agreement, that we are the sole decision maker of whether you violated our terms and conditions or not, in a manner that results in that we block or terminate you account.
    Intellectual property and copyright

    150) Gaming Trading Limited is the rightful owner of the brand SaferGambling and its logo. Unauthorized use of the trademark and logo may result in prosecution.

    151) URLs associated to Gaming Trading Limited may not be used on any other site or the digital platform unauthorized without prior written agreement.

    152) Gaming Trading Limited is the rightful owner or licensee of the rights to the technology, software and business systems used on this site.

    153) The structure and content of our websites are subject to copyright © and database right in the name of Gaming Trading Limited. All rights reserved. All graphics, images, photographs, animations, videos, music, audio, text, code, files and links on our website are covered by copyright or other intellectual property rights and is the company's or any of our licensees. The site may not be reproduced, stored or transmitted in parts or in its entirety without written agreement from us.

    154) Your registration and use of our system does not allow any rights to the intellectual material contained in our system.

    155) You need a written approval from us before linking to our site.

    156) You certify that you will not use any tools either automatic or manual to examine our website and or its content. Any unauthorized use or reproduction may lead to prosecution.

    Severability clause
    157) If any of the provisions of these terms and conditions are deemed unenforceable or illegal, they should be separated from these conditions and all other provisions should continue to apply unaffected by such provisions.

    158) We own the exclusive right to assign this agreement and reserve the right to assign or otherwise lawfully transfer this agreement. You have no right to assign or otherwise transfer this agreement.

    Entire agreement
    159) These terms and conditions, together with any external terms and conditions (e.g. terms and conditions attached to all games) constitute the entire agreement between you and us and supersede all contemporaneous or prior communications and proposals, whether oral, written or electronic, between you and us, in respect of our site, except in the event of fraud.

    Applicable legislation and jurisdiction
    160) As we have our registered office at Malta therefor these terms and conditions are subject to the Laws of Maltese. The parties submit to the Maltese court and/or rules of arbitration in accordance to the Malta Arbitration Act, administrated by the Malta Arbitration Centre (

    161) You agree that unless otherwise mentioned that the games are organized in Malta and that you are involved in the game in accordance with above jurisdiction. All contract-related relationships between you and us should be deemed to have been concluded and implemented by the parties at our registered address in Malta.

    162) You agree that any and all disputes, controversies, or claims arising in connection with these terms and conditions, or the breach, termination or the validity thereof shall be handled solely by the jurisdiction of Maltese courts.


    Rules of the games

    The game rules for our casino games can be found in the lower left corner of our games, in game mode (see below pictures). We have different game providers hence why the icon for rules may vary. Games from NetEnt Malta Limited (NetEnt) are displayed with a question mark icon and Yggdrasil Gaming (Yggdrasil) illustrate their rules with a lined paper icon.

    If you would like to get more information on the game you're about to play, just click on the info symbol located in the top right corner of the game page.

    How to play

    Right now you are only a few steps away from being a part of SaferGambling's exciting world of online gaming. Check out the info on how to play and do not hesitate to contact Customer support if you have any questions.

    1.1) Open an account and choose your password
    The first thing you need to do is to register. Click on the "Open account" banner at the upper-right corner of the home page or the round red button in the middle of the home page. Choose a password and add it to the registration form on the following page. Please note that your password must contain 8–16 digits and at least digits one lower-case letter (a–z), one upper-case letter (A–Z) and one digit (0–9). We recommend that you use special characters (!&#/?) for your password, which is not mandatory but makes your password stronger.

    1.2) Fill in the form and register
    Fill in all the information required. For your own safety we kindly ask you to fill in your social security number and your private mobile number. A secure gaming environment is very important to us and we use your social security number to make sure that it's you that is opening your account.

    We use a double verification system, which means that you will get both an email and a verification code via SMS to activate your account.

    1.3) Check your mobile
    You should now have received a text message (SMS) with a verification code. Fill in the code on our site to verify your account, it's step three in the registration process. Did you not receive an email or SMS? Please contact Customer support.

    The double verification system is used in order to make sure that it is you and only you that is creating your account.

    1.4) Player Level Notifications (PLN)
    PLN is an optional help tool that we have created so that you can keep better track of your gaming. You can at this point choose to set your PLN settings or skip this step and change the settings for PLN later on or whenever you feel like it.

    1.5) Choose a welcome gift and make a deposit
    The registration is almost completed and it?s time for you to choose your welcome gift. Pick the welcome gift that you like the most by clicking on the button below it.

    Make your chances of winning ever greater by making a deposit! You can play all of our games in Free play mode, but unless you make a deposit you won't be able to hit the big win.

    2) Play, bet and win
    Let the fun begin! You are now all set to start playing and winning. At we only collaborate with the best game providers on the market, which makes it possible for us to offer you a safe, secure and entertaining gaming environment. The games at are created by NetEnt Malta Limited and Yggdrasil Gaming.

    3) Play safe
    Spending time on should be exhilarating, fun and safe. It?s easy to get caught up in our games, that's why we offer you different ways of keeping track of your gaming. Learn more about responsible gaming at the "Why SaferGambling?" page.

    4) Withdraw your winnings We love winners and we hope that you will have a lot of joyful and victorious moments here at When you win, your winnings will instantly be added to your account and you're able to withdraw your winnings at any time, free of charge.

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    About SaferGambling

    Exhilarating and fun!
    SaferGambling was created for one reason and one reason only, to give online players a gaming environment that's fun, exciting and safe. We only collaborate with trusted payment and game providers and the settings for your SaferGambling account are of the highest security level. What this means, is that when you're visiting SaferGambling you can put all of your focus on the excitement and joy of playing and winning.
    Full disclosure
    Our number one priority is our players. We want to give you the best gaming experience possible and that’s why we never hide valuable information from you. For example we give you updated payout percentage of all our games and we also provide the means for you to keep track of your gaming habits and history.
    We prefer wins
    Winning is perhaps the greatest feeling ever and losing the absolute opposite. To increase the possibilities of you leaving SaferGambling with a smile on your face we have put together a mix of games that makes winning easier. With our variety of games and high payout percentages you have a grate chance to win big and avoid big losses.
    For the love of the game
    We have extensive online gaming experience, both as professionals and as players and we have most certainly hit a few bumps in the road. Our experience gives us the opportunity to help you avoid the downside of online gaming, without taking the excitement of the game away. Our vision is simply to make you experience the high pulse, excitement and euphoria that got us into playing.
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